Water treatment
without chemicals.
A revolution for earth.

The global water treatment market amounts to USD 489 bn annually by 2029. (Source :,,,
Water is a substantial essence for life. The whole circle of life in nature and societies around the planet is strongly dependent on clean and uncontaminated water. Even more tomorrow than today. Several years ago, a new flow – dynamic system for water treatment was developed which was used primarily for the prevention of new germs on drinking and process water.

Sustainability and

The world is in need of water.
And even more today, the world needs technologies to make efficient use of water :

  • Reduction of cleaning agents and detergents
  • Reduction of fresh water consumption
  • Better waste water recycling instead
  • Avoiding chemicals and biocides
  • Eliminate biofilm and biological residues
  • Reduce CO2 emissions in water treatment
  • Save Energy

Hydro4Earth is providing a key technology in fulfilling the requirements of water cleaning and therefore water recycling.

Applications are countless – get in touch with us, experience the technology in brief and learn about key applications.

Fields of

Drinking water
Swimming pools
Seawater desalination
Boats & ships
Agriculture industry
Gardening & landscaping
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