Clean. Water. Everywhere.

Water treatment without chemicals or filters.
A revolution for earth.

Water. Treatment. Success.

Hydro4Earth presents Hydro Intelligence Technology: Hydro4Earth is providing a revolutionary globally patented technology (HI) for water cleaning without chemicals or filters. The technology is highly suitable as standalone technology for fresh water treatment in buildings: residential, hospitality, retail, airports and commercial. As a complementing technology, it massively improves and facilitates many other water cleaning processes such as reverse osmosis and electrolysis or filters (for energy and emission savings). In agriculture, this treatment saves a significant quantity of water.



An Opportunity without Boundaries

  • A Necessity for Earth.

  • An Infinite Market.

  • SDG Goals 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15.

  • Production and Distribution Licenses.

  • Investment Opportunities.

Revolutionary Developments

Next to the Standard water treatment systems, with ongoing R&D, Hydro4Earth will soon be introducing a standalone version of the system, independent of an electricity network, employing solar technology. For remote areas. For safe and clean drinking water everywhere.
Moreover, still in 2024, Hydro4Earth will be presenting the Mini system – for single households or small buildings - granting a possibility for more than 2 billion people in the world to access healthy water.

Fields of Application

· No filters

· No chemicals

· Elimination of germs, bacteria, viruses, legionella

· No more chlorine
· For a safe water environment
· For child safety
· Savings on membranes and filters
· Reduction of energy usw and emissions
· Contaminaton free water reservoirs
· Safe water storage
· Higher level of nutrients
· Savings of up to 20% of water
· More efficient irrigation
· Cleaner industrial waste water and process water
· Increase of recycling quotas
· Enabling of zero liquid discharge
· Savings of water useage
· More efficient irrigation
· Clean water in ponds and wells
· Help with oil/water separation
· Cleaning of process water
· Improvement of sewage treatment processes
· Increased efficiency of other technologies

99 %

or more germs, bacteria, viruses, legionella etc. eliminated

90 %

and more recycling quota for e.g. textile waste water

20 %

of water savings in irrigation

3.2 kg

of CO2 saved per cbm of cleaned water

6.5 kWh

saved per cbm
of cleaned water

Countless. Applications.

Drinking Water. Waste Water. Desalination. Cooling Towers. Grey Water. Agriculture. Industrial Waste Water. Air Washers. Textile. Sewage Water. Swimming Pools. Hotels. Buildings. Healthcare. Ponds. Wells. Residential. Commercial. Boats. Ships. Public Water.